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Book review--Net Impact by Don Bingle

Net Impact by Don Bingle is a fast-paced spy thriller with a geeky twist. Dick Thornby is a spy for the Subsidiary, a secret multi-national agency whose mission is to stop worldwide threats to humanity. Dick's been with the Subsidiary for years, and as a result his marriage has crumbled, his son is a stranger, and he can destroy the Dunedin port without blinking an eye. When he stumbles upon a massive conspiracy that includes the Chinese government, an underground facility, and an online game called Reality 2 Be, he knows he has to be on top of his game to save everything he holds dear. 

Net Impact is like the movies True Lies and Mission Impossible meets Ready Player One with a dash of Vince Flynn's books thrown in for seasoning. While it does start off a bit slow--we're given a lot of information at the beginning--once the action starts it rocks and rolls until the end. There's death, mayhem, humor, technology, gaming, and intrigue all rolled up into one satisfying read. If you're looking for something to keep you up late on Wednesday night, Bingle's book should do the trick. 

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