kelly_swails (kelly_swails) wrote,

Work continues apace

Still hard at work on the World Domination novel, tentatively titled THIS WILL GO ON YOUR PERMANENT RECORD. I had a bit of a slog in the middle--middles are especially hard for me, probably because I'm a pantser and not an outliner--but now I'm on the downhill slide. maybe 15k or so more to go and I'll have a working first draft. So, say, in the next few weeks. That will mean I've written this draft in 4-1/2 months, which is blazingly fast for me. Most of my first drafts have taken anywhere from 8 to 12 months. After it's finished I'll take a few weeks off and refill the tank by catching up on reading. And then! The real fun begins: rewriting! \m/ (That's not sarcasm. Rewriting is the best.) I'm really looking forward to May and June. :) 
Tags: livin' the dream, world domination

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