kelly_swails (kelly_swails) wrote,

5 things make a post

So! I'm blowing the dust off the blog to say a few things. 

1. I blog sooooo much less since I started using twitter. But then you already knew that. 

2. I've watched Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods. It's official: Whedon is my master now. 

3. I've finished the first draft of the WIP. Goal: finish the second draft by mid-July. 

4. I've read FAIR COIN by E. C. Meyers. Great book with a cool concept. It's The Butterfly Effect meets Quantum Leap.

Huh. When I say a book is "like" something else I usually compare them to movies or TV shows, not other books. Interesting.

5. If you follow me on twitter you already know 2-4.

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