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A post of two parts

Found this during my aimless internet wanderings this morning. I agree, with a few exceptions. For one, I do care if you vote or not. I don't care who you vote for ... but I think it's important to vote. So many people around the world can't--even a hundred years ago women couldn't in the U.S.--and so I feel it's important to make your voice heard. But who your vote is your business.  For another, I do like to sit around and talk politics with friends, if we can keep the conversation civil. We can totally disagree and our friendship will remain intact.

Also found this cool website. If you don't want to follow the linky, it's a census database that will tell you how many people share your name. Though, I suspect it's not quite accurate--I think through googling myself a few years ago I found a Kelly Swails in Michigan. But the idea that there are less than five hundred people in the U.S. with the surname "Swails" is pretty cool. Thanks, Ken!

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