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Political neepery


I've avoided talking about politics on this blog for a variety of reasons, but the biggest two are these: I understand that my opinion isn't any more or less valid than anyone else's, and I voted for McCain. Seems like most of the writers I know voted Obama, and that's fine. Not only fine, it's great--one of the great things about America is we are encouraged to express our opinions and vote for whomever we choose. As the election cycle progressed, though, and I read blog after blog after blog first dismissing  then bashing McCain and Palin and the GOP, I began to feel more and more ashamed of my stance. Was I wrong to think the things I did? Was I missing the bigger picture? Was the information I had been told regarding Obama's Illinois legislative years that off-base? Was I, in fact, a bigot but didn't realize it?

Understand that I have long been a "fan," if you will, of McCain. I voted for him in the 2000 primary. I thought--and still think--that he's a moderate Republican that could more accurately call himself an Independant. I think his campaign failed because he surrounded himself with people that told him he couldn't win if he neglected the ultra-conservative base that had deep reservations about him. I think he picked Palin without fully vetting her because his staff told him to pick a conservative woman. That these same people are blaming Palin for McCain's loss sickens me. My advice to the McCain staffers: man up. Campbell Brown says it better here.

Was I disappointed McCain lost? Yes. Does an Obama Presidency concern me? Yes. But ultimately, I am an American and he is my President. Will I agree with everything he does? Most assuredly not. Will I agree with some of them? Probably. Will I be vocal about my opinions about his policy? That remains to be seen. I will say this, though--I will no longer be ashamed of my just-right-of-center politics. I will not allow myself to feel bullied because I happen to believe in the second amendment and that people shouldn't rely on the government for everything. You have been warned. 

I'm leaving the comments enabled for now.  I won't allow nastiness. You want to have an intelligent discourse? Great! You want to bash my way of thinking? Find someone else to harass.

That said, today I read this article. I hope the Obamas do pick a shelter dog. And I love that his is so open and casual about his race.


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