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The letter experiment

So the month of letters was ... enlightening. The take-aways: 

1. It was relatively easy to jot a letter at the end of a busy day. 

2. Even so, I only managed to write 20 letters instead of the requisite 24. 

3. I did not feel guilty or beat myself up about this. 

4. Not many people wrote back, but I really really enjoyed the responses from those who did. 

5.In a perfect world I would keep up the correspondence.  

And now I shall go eat brownies warm from the oven. 
writing monkey

I know I put that stationery somewhere ...

Author Mary Robinette Kowal is asking people to join her in February for a Month of Letters. She's suggesting that people send one letter for each day the postal service runs--24 letters or notes or postcards in all. 

I'm on board. 

I used to write letters to people quite a bit. Even after e-mail became popular, I'd jot a note and send it simply because it was unexpected. Plus it's fun to get personal mail. (At least it is for me. Maybe other folks don't think so.) In the last several years I've slacked off. But! For the month of February I'll pick up the habit again. 

Consider joining in. You'll brighten someone's day or perhaps reconnect with someone. At the very least you'll get mail. 

writing monkey

Happy new year!

2011 was a year of change and growth for me, and I expect the same for 2012. Over the past few years I've stopped making resolutions, mostly because I believe that every day has the potential to be a New Beginning. But! Here are a few things I want to accomplish this year: 

Start and finish a new novel (I already started it today--an auspicious beginning!) 

Acquire an agent (fingers crossed, people.) 

Read more books. 

Spend more time with friends, both local and far-flung. 

Squeeze exercise into each day. 

Take guitar lessons. 

Continue to live and learn and change and grow. And to not beat myself up so much when I inevitably stumble. 

What about you? What does 2012 have in store for you? 
writing monkey

It's that time of year again.

No, not Christmas. 

Award nomination time! 

I have a few stories eligible for consideration: 

"Sully's Solutions" appeared in Boondocks Fantasy
"Vanessa McAvoy's Statement" appeared in Beast Within 2. 
"Frankie's Girl" appeared in The Crimson Pact
"Hunters Incorporated" appeared in The Crimson Pact 2
"When the Sun Rises over Neutria" appeared in Spec the Halls 

If you can nominate for awards and would like to see any (or all!) of these stories, you can shoot me an email here. 

writing monkey

Giving the thanks

As I look back on the previous 20+ posts, I realize just how full of wonderful things my life is. Ken. Family. Friends. Kitties. Writing. Learning. Technology. 


I thank you all for sharing my journey. 
writing monkey

Giving the thanks, day 22: it's all in the family

Today I'm thankful for family of all kinds: immediate, extended, adopted. There's more than one way to define a family, and I would not be who I am today without them. Mom, Dad, and all the rest: thank you for being a part of my life. 

I'm an only child so my immediate family is obviously very small. My extended family, however, is huge; both my parents had nine brothers and sisters. I have cousins I've never met, only met a few times, or it's been so long since I've seen them that I wouldn't know them. My adopted family is scattered all around the country.

They drive me crazy and warm my heart by turns. There is drama and laughter and conflict and love. I wouldn't have it any other way.  
writing monkey

Giving the thanks, day 18: meow baby meow

Today I'm thankful for my kitties. 

Yes, sometimes they're a pain in the ass. The puke on the bed. They walk over me all night. Every once in a while one of them will pee in the tub. 


They snuggle with me. They head-butt my legs when I get home from work. They entertain me by playing with laser lights or kitty toys. They purr as they sleep on my lap. they have little personalities all their own.  

Crazy cat lady? You betcha.